Minimally Invasive Surgery

SOPRO-COMEG offers endoscopes with exceptional optical quality and a complement of instruments with which to ease even the most demanding procedures.

Endoscopic System

Symbioz is composed of a camera, light source, insufflator and Argo monitor.

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We provide rigid endoscopes and accessories that are necessary for sinuscopy, otoscopy and laryngoscopy. The instruments are manufactured with the highest quality materials.

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Recent technological advancements have improved the diagnosis-treatment process and the level of care that urologists can now offer their patients. Procedures include: cystoscopy, resectoscopy and urethrotomy.

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SOPRO-COMEG products make hysteroscopy, resectoscopy and other resection procedures easier. Efficiency and clarity are the key words for our gynaecological range.

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A complete range of reusable, high-quality, durable instruments for peritoneal entry: the first and most crucial step in successful laparoscopic surgery. A complete range of hand instruments, in both monopolar and bipolar electrocautery versions, are also available.

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Our range of arthroscopy equipment produces sharp images and enables visual precision.

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